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You may or may not have seen me around before, if you have it was likely on facebook, ModernCannabistGraphicreddit, instagram, or some other form social media. For those of you that have not, a short introduction on myself. First and foremost, my name’s Antonio, and I run the Modern
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My focus is to share what I know about biotically friendly farming methods, primarily focused around cannabis production. On the more advanced side, a lot of my learning / experimenting is focused on promoting cannabinoid / terpene production through stimulation of relevant plant defense mechanism (I.e. those that stimulate fatty acid biosynthesis). Now, many of you may have had absolutely no idea what that means, but don’t worry! It’s my goal to teach to the level of knowledge you’re interested in, so if all you want is to produce the best quality, in a safe, biointensive,  and inexpensive fashion, than that’s totally okay! And on the flip side, if you’re perhaps already familiar with a lot of this and you’re looking for some more intense science to help you craft a few new techniques, I’m happy to share what I know.


I’m the person behind Modern Microbes

As more growers have begun to use them, I’ve had more and more questions about this, so I figured I should mention it here. Yes, I’m the person behind Modern Microbes. Modern Microbes is part one in the Modern Garden system, with part two coming sometime in late March, 2016. Originally Modern Microbes began because I felt I was getting ripped off having to by mycorrhiza, and nitrogen fixing bacteria separately, but once I began looking into how the only nitrogen fixing bacteria we were being offered commonly was 12625961_10153848801207482_645069280_nAzospirillum Brasilense, which is far from the most efficient bacteria that could be used, and for some reason was never offered with similar bacteria for a more full consortium. And my research continued into the strains that help outcompete fusarium, botrytis, and rust and other common pathogens in the garden, and then into solubilizing bacteria, that can help us get much more from the amendments we are using, and hugely bring up our yields. And then after a lot of time, research, and labor, Modern Microbes was born, as a comprehensive inoculant, to provide Mycos, Nitrogen Fixers, Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria, Potassium Solubilizing Bacteria, Silica Solubilizing Bacteria, plus bacterial / fungal strains that protect against / outcompete a host of common garden pathogens. For more info, and how to buy check out:

The Modern Microbes Home Page
Modern Microbes on Facebook