Photosynthesis and Cannabis

Photosynthesis is the basis for all plant life, yet most gardening guides only mention it in passing, if at all. If you’re unfamiliar, photosynthesis is the process plants (as well as some bacteria, algae, prokaryotes, and some ) use to turn energy from sunlight, in combination with water, and CO2 into essential sugars (and as a byproduct we get oxygen).… Read more →

Day Length in Veg

If you’ve ever cracked open a so called ‘grow bible’ you’ve undoubtedly come across sections discussing the merits of 18hr of light vs 24hrs. During these discussions, I’ve read things such as ’18 hrs of light is better because it’s more natural’, or ‘plants need the dark to do dark cycle reactions’, as well as things like ‘It just uses… Read more →

Work in Progress: Basics and Fundamentals

Remember to mouse over underlined words for the definition tooltip When you see a tree towering up above a house, or a dandelion in your front yard where do you think its mass comes from? You may be tempted to answer the soil, but in fact, most of its mass comes from the air. A┬átree is majorly carbon after all,… Read more →